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Argentina Reports delivers news from Argentina in English to an international audience.

Our visitors are engaged with our content, participating, reaching out to us, and reading our articles. If your company would like to join the conversation, we’re excited to offer, via our partnership with Publicize, the opportunity to tell your story to a journalist and get your news featured, with Publicize Originals.

Publicize Originals offers the opportunity for an interview with an Espacio journalist, who will author 1 sponsored article on your company, which will then be published on 6 publications of your choosing (you bet your booty Peru Reports is on there!).

You can follow this link to see the list of publications your article can be published on or click here to sign up for Publicize Originals.

And feel free to reach out to [email protected] or phone +1 (646) 480-0356 for more information or for PR and media support.