Three K-corruption prisoners exchange blows in Ezeiza prison

By August 14, 2018

Three people held in Ezeiza prison for corruption charges exchanged punches yesterday evening over a sarcastic comment, reported La Nacion.

Juan Pablo ‘Pata’ Medina, one of the leaders of builder’s trade union UOCRA and businessmen Fabián De Sousa and José María Núñez Carmona were involved in the altercation. All three were found guilty of corruption charges during the Kirchner regime and are part of the Intervention for the Reduction of Corruption Rate (IRIC) programme.

The news was first made public on Twitter by journalist Luis Gasulla this morning, and the Federal Penitentiary Service have since released a communique explaining that the three men were involved in a “disruption to social order.”

According to La Nacion, sources within the prison affirmed that the altercation began while the men were watching TV around 9.20 p.m. The news programme they were watching explained that authorities had raided two apartments in the same building as Cristina Kirchner’s Buenos Aires flat in Recoletas. One of the apartments belonged to Osvaldo De Souza, Fabián’s brother.

Medina reportedly made a sarcastic comment about this fact, provoking harsh recriminating words from De Sousa. As a response, Medina slapped De Sousa in the face, which in turn caused Núñez Carmona to get involved to separate the two men, but just caused the violence to escalate.

At this point Ezeiza Prison officials stepped in to end the argument, and Media was sent to the Prison hospital for an abrasion on his chest.

“Medina is still in the hospital,” sources affirmed to La Nacion. “It’s the first time that anything of this kind has happened in the IRIC. For a while, the trade unionist [Medina] has provoked people with different comments and attitudes to the other prisoners that have been accused of corruption.”

According to Clarin Núñez Carmona, partner and friend of ex-Vice President Amadou Boudou, had been prisoner for a week for passive bribery and taking part in negotiations which were deemed incompatible with his role in the Ciccone company.

De Sousa, partner of Cristóbal López of the Indalo group, had been imprisoned for not paying eight billion pesos to oil company Oil Combustibles.

Medina has been a prisoner in Ezeiza prison since Sept 2017 for money laundering, illicit association and extortion.