Argentinian NGO Pro Mujer partners with an Austrian language app to ‘catalyse change one woman at a time’

By June 12, 2018

English is purported to be one of the more difficult languages to master, littered as it is with phrasal verbs, bizarre archaisms and a completely ridiculous spelling system. However, as it is fast becoming the lingua franca across the world, millions are learning English in order to get a headstart in work, studies or just to flawlessly order fish and chips in a restaurant.

For the most part, South America follows this trend, with English taking the top position in the continent’s language learning. The exception there is Argentina, whose population is made up of roughly 63% Italian descendents, which would explain not only the abundance of Pizza in the country’s capital but also justify why learning Italian occurs twice as much there as in any other South America country.

Despite the studies, however, the proficiency in English within South America still remains low in comparison to other areas around the world. In a recent announcement, one Austrian language app has suggested that it is paving the way to change that.

Vienna-based Vision Education announced this week that it will be joining forces with South American NGO Pro Mujer in order to enhance language learning for women and girls within Argentina.

Founded by Manfred Kastner, the group aims to improve the education sector of countries around the world by providing a platform that contributes to societal, economic and political goals. Since the company’s launch, they have created two language learning platforms,  “LearnMatch” and “Phase6 professions” that were created to provide job-related language proficiency, especially in industries where migrant proportions are high. The company has also received high-profile sponsoring from T-Mobile and Deloitte amongst others, who are all given their own edition of the app specifically catering to the company’s identity.

Pro Mujer is an NGO that focuses on supporting women across a number of Latin American countries. The organisation has set its goal of “catalysing change one woman at a time” by providing security, health support and education, as well as leadership training. Together with the Austrian company, they will implement LearnMatch technology to enhance education abilities for women within Argentina.

“We are happy that our new partners are sharing this vision and appreciating the added value our language learning apps offer,” founder Manfred Kastner told Der Brutkasten.

Vision Education is also set to expand into Spain, Russia, Turkey and the UK as the demand for language support, particularly on the business front, grows alongside interasing international work opportunities.