Seedstars LATAM summit brings together Latin American entrepreneurial talent in Lima, Peru

By December 4, 2018

From December 4-6 Lima, Peru will be hosting the Seedstars LATAM Regional Summit which will bring successful startups together from all over the region to discuss the future of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The event will be attended by the 12 winners from the regional Seedstars competitions, with startups from Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Guatemala and Peru.

Argentina’s representative will be edtech startup Blended, which has created a platform allowing for seamless communication and information sharing between teachers, students and parents in a school or college. Using either a mobile app or the website, the platform allows administrative tasks to be carried out efficiently without wasting reams of paper.

The Seedstars LATAM Summit will also be an opportunity for the young companies to discuss ways in which the region can meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations. These goals will need a global investment of between US$5 to 7 trillion annually until 2030 in order to tackle global issues such as poverty, hunger and gender and work inequality.

This substantial sum will also be an issue raised at the Summit, hoping to incite collaboration between entrepreneurs and governments order to create sustainable and tangible solutions to this financial burden. Speaker sessions will also focus on how technology is being used to solve local and regional issues, with the hope to share best practices and highlight areas of improvement needed in the startup ecosystem. 

As well as the main summit activities, there will also be a side competition hosted by Inicia Educación for edtech startups such as Blended. The Argentine startup will compete with Boki (Uruguay), Canduit (Chile), Processim Labs (Costa Rica) and Roma Evaluaciones (Chile) based on the companies ability to facilitate traction, revenue and the learning process, and the winner will receive a grant of US$5,000.

Latin America’s entrepreneurial scene is gaining traction and becoming more visible on an international level, and this is an opportunity for the region to demonstrate their growing prowess and problem-solving abilities along with a strong commitment to the social causes highlighted by the UN.