Libertarian Javier Milei wins presidential race in Argentina

By November 19, 2023

Buenos Aires, Argentina — Libertarian candidate Javier Milei was elected as the next president of Argentina by winning the runoff against current Finance Minister Sergio Massa with 56% against 44% of the votes. 

After weeks of a campaign full of fraud allegations, fake news and a continuous spiraling inflation, the leader of La Libertad Avanza party Javier Milei and his running mate, Victoria Villarruel, have been confirmed as the next in charge of leading the country. 

“The results are not the ones we expected and I’ve talked to Javier Milei to congratulate him for becoming the president that the majority has chosen to govern for the next four years,” recognized Mr. Massa in his campaign bunker at around 8 PM. 

Milei, 52, is an economist and political outsider, running as the leader of the Libertarian party La Libertad Avanza. 

He has shown his affection for fellow political firebrand former United States President Donald Trump, and has been compared to Brazil’s former President Jair Bolsonaro, both of whom are currently under investigation in their respective countries. 

A gun rights supporter, Milei has also attacked feminist causes, as well as climate change and human rights. He’s advocated for dissolving Argentina’s Central Bank, and has indicated he’d like to peg the country’s economy to the U.S. dollar

Mr. Milei announced an alliance after the general elections on October 19 with two important figures of the main opposition party, Juntos por el Cambio (JxC), former President Mauricio Macri and former presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich, in order to try and collect the 6 million votes received by Mrs. Bullrich in the elections.